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Why do I occasionally see duplicate markers in the 3D Workspace after I calibrate?

Typically, this is due to subsets of cameras being well calibrated together and those subsets not agreeing enough with each other. This can cause reconstructions to be generated from each subset, quite close in position to each other.

Try to capture during the wand wave, plenty of frames where all cameras see the wand at the same time if possible. A good strategy is to wave the wand across the floor with LEDs facing vertically upwards.

If not all cameras, try to ensure that cameras on two or three adjacent walls or two opposing walls can collect wand frames at the same time.

Try to avoid only waving the wand close to the edge of the volume where only 2 or 3 cameras may see the wand at the same time.

Before you begin camera calibration, ensure that: Cameras have fully warmed up to a stable operating temperature. Vicon recommends a minimum 30–60 minute warm-up period.