For your Vicon motion capture system at initial install and beyond


If your system is simply on tripods then our support engineers will come in and assist on the optimum placement and physical environment, or we can advise on what to mount cameras to, and truss or wall mount placement.

Then the support engineers will get on with commissioning your system, which includes fixing the cameras to the tripods, truss, rail or wall mount and configuring and optimising them for best results.


Full installation takes one  to three days and during this time we also provide in-depth training that covers both running and automating the system, so all your users are adept in data capture, processing, and refining pipelines before we even leave your premises.

Our support team ensures quality at all stages.


We also offer training at the Vicon offices that you can take advantage of – while this might incur a cost, it may fall within your specific support contract, if you have one. Check with your customer support engineer to find out.

Custom onsite support and training is available in the shape of refresher, basic or advanced training once your system has been established for a while.

We can use the ‘day per year’ on the Premier contract to do this, if it’s not been used towards the end of your contractual year.

Online resources

We have over 30 life sciences support documents and close to 700 pages online of help on our life sciences software alone (*May ’19) on This resource is freely available to anyone and is updated and added to regularly, independent of software releases.

Alternatively, you can go to the product pages on our website for help e.g. where you’ll find answers to a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we proactively post in our searchable knowledge base.

We also have a host of Nexus, Capture.U and ProCalc tutorials on our Life Sciences YouTube channel below.



Vicon are here to support you on your Motion Capture journey. We’re happy to provide more information, answer questions and help you find the solution you need. Get in touch with our experts today