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Nexus Designed with life sciences in mind, Nexus has a host of automated... Shōgun Shogun is designed with the needs of our VFX customers in mind... Vicon Live Link Plugin for Unreal Engine For plugins providing integration support with Unreal Engine. Tracker Whether tracking robots, rigid bodies or humans, Tracker opens up a... Datastream SDK A flexible and easy way for users to stream in real time to 3rd... Capture.U Working seamlessly with Vicon’s Blue Trident sensors, Capture.U... Vicon plugin for Motion Builder software The Vicon MotionBuilder Streaming Plugin allows users to stream... Polygon Vicon Polygon offers you reporting and presentation tools to... Vicon Product Licensing Sentinel LDK HASP4 Driver HASP4 dongle driver required for running standalone licenses which... Nexus Insight A powerful new reporting tool for life sciences Evoke Intelligent software designed to deliver the ultimate in immersive...


Find the right motion capture system for your projects.


Network topology

1. Choose an application type

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        Your Vicon recommended system

        Camera Model Vantage V16
        Lens Type 18 mm
        Number Of Cameras 10
        Room Size 5m x 8m
        Software Nexus
        Extras Apex Device

        Application type

          Camera type

            • Lens type

              • Camera count


              Room size (m)


              TOPOLOGY TOOL

              To display the number of PoE switches needed for your system, specify the number of cameras and (if required) Lock devices.

              How many cameras do you need?

              PC SELECTOR

              The following site will assist you in selecting a PC to run your Vicon System based on:

              • The NEW 10Gig Hardware Toplogy
              • Number of Vicon optical Cameras
              • Number of Vue or Bonita video Cameras
              • Number of SDI video Cameras
              • Markerless software integration

              Find out your recommended PC

              For quick access to a recommended PC specification please select one of the following:

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