ProEclipse 1.2.0


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ProEclipse 1.2 is a patch update for Vicon's data management component ProEclipse.

ProEclipse is installed as the data management component for Vicon Nexus and Polygon. A number of issues were reported following the latest ProEclipse update. This patch update is intended to address those issues.

Addressed issues:

  • MetadataList columns types can be created without a MetadataValue option
  • Improvements to 'Create Backup' in ProEclipse
  • Ability to 'Mark' Patient nodes is available to use for Batch Process
  • ProEclipse no longer required Microsoft Office to be installed
  • The date appears in the ENF files
  • Nodes which have not been displayed in the window can be marked via keyboard actions
  • Nodes can be manually refreshed when synchronization is lost with network drives
  • Improvements to the 'Movie' icon in the data management
  • Improvements to configurations buttons in columns within the data management


ProEcilpse is compatible with:

  • Vicon Nexus 1.8.5 and above
  • Bodybuilder 3.6.4

Windows 10 (64bit) --.NET Framework 4.5 and above

Windows 7 (64bit) --.NET Framework 4.5

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