The most powerful inertial sensor in its class, powered by Vicon

Engineered to capture the highest quality data


Higher fidelity measurement, three times faster data download speed, and real-time analysis – in the field and in water – Vicon’s Blue Trident is our newest life sciences wearable.

The next generation of our market-leading Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Blue Trident is lightweight, easy to use, flexible and reliable.

From elite to grassroots sports, the improved, form-fitting wearable IMU sensor can capture the highest load activities and provide immediate real-time athlete tracking and sports performance analysis in the field. It also benefits from being fully waterproof (IP68), making it suitable for all-weather capture, underwater treadmills and swimming.

IMUs are changing the game of sports performance analysis

In our latest article, we explain how motion capture is well-established as an essential tool, not only for sports biomechanics research, but also for sports injury rehabilitation and athlete recovery, training, and sports performance analysis at all levels, including running gait analysis and sport movement analysis.

The article takes a look at the role that wearable sports technology, such as inertial measurement units (IMUs), are playing in measuring athlete performance and the reasons why we’ll soon see Inertial Sensor Units in sport reach the tipping point to wide-spread adoption.

“Many movements made at high speed or involving the highest peak forces, such as changes of direction, sudden decelerations, landing and even sprinting, can lead to sensor clipping and loss of data. Having high g capability with the new Blue Trident, Inertial Sensor allows us to quantify and thereby gain a better understanding of these movements, improving insight into the preparation required for our athletes.”

Andrew Gray
High Performance Manager, Cronulla Sharks

“We are investigating the suitability of Vicon’s next generation sensors for a range of sports applications from cricket illegal action detection to injury prevention in junior cricket fast bowlers, specifically for monitoring shoulder, trunk and pelvis rotations. We are also evaluating how sports like AFL and soccer might adopt and use this higher specification sensor. What we have seen so far is very exciting.”

Jacqueline Alderson
Assistant Professor, University of Western Australia

“I believe that real time feedback must become the new normal as Inertial Sensor technology continues to evolve. Being able to understand performance as it happens, and subsequently make changes throughout a session if required, significantly upgrades our ability to care for our athletes.”

Andrew Gray
High Performance Manager, Cronulla Sharks

Introducing Blue Trident

Introducing Blue Trident



Battery life has now been extended to last up to 12 hours depending on sensor usage.

High fidelity

9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit

±16g low-g accelerometer

High performance

3-axis Inertial Measurement Unit

±200g high-g accelerometer

AccelerometerAccelerationLow ±16g
High ±200g
16 bit
13 bit
3 axis
3 axis
GyroscopeAngular velocity±2000°/sec 1125Hz16 bit3 axis
MagnetometerDirection/position±4900uT112Hz (70Hz if global angles selected)16 bit3 axis


  • Elite running-based sports teams
  • Return-to-play & cumulative bone loading
  • In the field & the lab

Bridging the gap

  • Mid-to-grass-roots sports teams
  • Performance analysis & enhancement
  • In the field


  • Biomechanics researchers
  • Clinical research projects into the body and its movement
  • Used in the lab

Sports research institutions

  • Providing consultancy & advice to athletes / teams

What’s new

  • High G sensor

    Dual-g sensor: 16g combined with the highest g sensor on the market at 200g.

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  • Ergonomics

    Better form factor: more ergonomic, 25% smaller and lighter.

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  • Waterproof

    IP68 rated and tested for submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes – good for all-weather capture, underwater treadmills, swimming.

    Because we love to go above and beyond, we’ve also tested the sensor at depths far exceeding this.  We’ve used Blue Trident when submersed at depths of up to three metres for one hour.

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  • Performance

    Better measurement performance and reliability with the dual sensors, so saturation drop off is avoided and users can capture even the highest peaks of activity – very useful for high-load activities such as cricket.

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  • Download speed

    Higher speed download compared to predecessor – three times quicker data download speed.

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  • Connectivity

    Up to 12-hour battery life depending on sensor usage and Bluetooth 5 for better connectivity and range.

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benefit Needs Challenge

How to ensure the performance improvements I’m identifying are accurate and are working


The best possible quality of data capture to deliver the best possible outcome

Make well-informed decisions based on high data integrity

benefit Needs Challenge

I’m often in the field or on a track and might not have the time or money to invest in a full mocap system


Something that’s easy to use on the move

Easier and quicker to access your data

benefit Needs Challenge

I don’t have an average day, there are diverse situations and applications to deal with


To react quickly to situations, technology that keeps up with me

Adapts to your needs


IMU Step


Capture.U is a free iOS mobile app for Blue Trident users. Connect multiple Inertial Sensors to provide a real-time overlay of data on video, or use one of the built-in “capture modes” to provide precise human movement insights faster in the field. Data can be recorded in free capture mode with personalized benchmarks set by the user.

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The most trusted mocap ecosystem, designed for life sciences

With a host of automated features, intelligent processing and flexible controls. Nexus lets you focus on your research and not on your software.

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Measure cumulative bone load and stride symmetry

IMU Step is a wearable sports sensor and advanced software solution for elite athletes and teams in running-based sports, speeding return-to-play after injury, aiding athlete recovery, providing running analysis, and identifying reinjury risk.

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Want to learn how to use Blue Trident?

Watch the series of videos on our YouTube channel.

Includes an unboxing video along with walkthroughs showing how to use Blue Trident with the Vicon Capture.U app and Capture.U desktop.