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High performing LED markers create fully immersive experiences.

Pulsar is Vicon’s new active marker tracking cluster. With adaptive, automated and customizable active strobing LED patterns, you can track any type of movement across numerous participants. Compact and lightweight, Pulsars are easily connected for multi-person full-body tracking in any environment.

The state-of-the-art design of Pulsar allows wireless tracking of participants with automatic identification, full synchronization and an impressive battery life.

New color coded accessories

Tincluding footstraps, gloves and mounting plates enable up to to six player identification while the new Nova Active Strand LEDs, powered by USB, track the movement of props.

Wearable active clusters

Clusters can be attached to each participant effortlessly.

Adaptive patterns

Pulsar’s adaptive patterns make any project possible.


Unique, lightweight body and mounted tracking sensors.

Technical Specifications

Optical range with Viper 10 m
Battery run time 9 hours of use
Battery charge time 2 hours @ 1 amp
Connection type Micro USB
Weight 50 g
Dimensions 70 x 70 x 18 mm
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Small Medium Large
Chest 78.7cm / 31in 85.1cm / 33.5in 87.6cm / 34.5in
Waist 63.5cm / 25in 68.6cm / 27in 78.7cm / 31in
Hips 81.3cm / 32in 86.4cm / 34in 91.4cm / 36in
Inside Leg 66cm / 26in 69.9cm / 27.5in 77.5cm / 30.5in


Small Medium Large Extra Large
Chest 86.4cm / 34in 94cm / 37in 103cm / 40.6in 114.3cm / 44.5in
Waist 71.1cm / 28in 83.8cm / 33in 90cm / 35.4in 99.1cm / 39in
Hips 88.9cm / 35in 94cm / 37in 100cm / 39.4in 109.2cm / 43in
Inside Leg 66cm / 26in 69.2cm / 27.3in 71cm / 28.3in 81.3cm / 32in