Vicon Stream Device MotionBuilder 2015


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Full release to support Autodesk MotionBuilder 2015 Windows and Linux releases.

Allows streaming of realtime data from Vicon products into MotionBuilder 2015.

It is possible to use the plug-in with data streaming from Vicon Blade 2.0, Nexus 1.8.5 and Tracker 2.0.

Streaming data from Blade 1.7 into MotionBuilder 2015 using this device is possible but unsupported by Vicon. There may be unknown issues which it is not possible to address.


Vicon Products: Axiom Blade 2.0 Nexus 1.8.5 Tracker 2.0

Autodesk Products: MotionBuilder 2015 64 bit with Windows 7 64 bit

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