Unity plugin


File Name: Vicon_Unity_Plugin_1.0.0.105653h.zip

A brand new Unity engine plugin that takes advantage of the retimed data interface within the DataStream SDK 1.8. This is particularly useful for minimising apparent latency for VR applications.

Changes from the previous plugin included with Vicon Pegasus:

  1. Support for Retiming added
  2. Added Script for HMD
  3. Added Scripts for driving game assets from rigid bodies
  4. Deployed as a unitypackage

Steps for running the test scene:

  1. Launch Unity
  2. Create a new project and open the project
  3. Double click on vicondatastream.unitypackage, this will import all the assets into your current open project
  4. Go to Edit | Project Settings | Player | XR Settings and tick "VirtualReality Supported"
  5. Double click on TestUnity to load the pre-saved scene
  6. Make sure Tracker is streaming "hmd" object and using the correct ip address
  7. Click play


Unity 2017.2 or higher

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