Unreal Engine 4.18 plugin


File Name: Vicon_UnrealEngine_Plugin_4.18.105653h_x64.zip

A brand new Unreal engine plugin that takes advantage of the retimed data interface within the DataStream SDK 1.8. This is particularly useful for minimising apparent latency for VR applications.

Steps for using the plugin:

  1. Open up plugins - Virtual Reality and disable OculusVR and SteamVR. Let the project restart.
  2. Create a ViconDataStreamActor and place in the level
  3. In the parameters for the ViconDataStreamActor set the IP address and port number
  4. Close the project
  5. Navigate to C:\Users\Public Documents\Vicon\ViconOculusVR_4.18
  6. Open up the config file and adjust the DataStream ID name to the name of the actor in the UE level (ViconDataStreamActor_1 is the default in Unreal)
  7. Adjust the subject name to the name of the HMD object from Tracker
  8. Save and close
  9. Re-open the project and the level
  10. In the ViconDataStreamActor, set the retiming parameter on
  11. In the details for the player start scroll down to Input and adjust Auto Receive Input to Player 0
  12. Hit the play drop down menu and select “play in VR”


Unreal Engine 4.18

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