Unreal Engine Plugin


File Name: Vicon_UEPlugin_1.1.0.zip

A new package of Unreal engine plugins that takes advantage of the retimed data interface within the DataStream SDK 1.8. This is particularly useful for minimizing apparent latency for VR applications.

The installer includes 2 plugins:

  1. An updated plugin to allow Unreal to receive data via the DataStream SDK to allow it to drive characters from Vicon data in real time.

  2. The Vicon VR plugin for Oculus Rift to allow Vicon data to drive the VR rig within Unreal such that larger volumes can be achieved than with the device's native tracking and to allow multiple headsets to be used within the same coordinate system.

Complete documentation for the use of the plugin with Oculus Rift is now available here:


Addressed issues:

  • Plugin can only install on C drive
  • Streaming three subjects from Shōgun to Unreal seems to slow down the framerate
  • The plugin isn't installing in the correct place on a backpack PC

New features:

  • Calculate transform between Vicon and Oculus rotations
  • Drift correction
  • When tracking data from Vicon is lost, previous pose is used rather than moving to the origin.


Unreal Engine 4.18 or 4.19

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