Vicon Vero Power. Flexibility. Performance.


With the best resolution/speed/price offering on the market, Vicon Vero is the latest optical camera from Vicon. Building on the success of Vantage, Vero combines market leading resolution and speed at a unrivalled price point. Like its bigger brother, Vantage, Vero has on-board sensors that monitor camera position and temperature to ensure optimal performance at all times.


Vero's compact design means it is easy to mount it's custom made variable focus lens gives you optimised field of view and it's powerful strobe sees further.


Vero’s performance belies its form factor. With an industry leading 2.2 MPX @ 330 FPS, Vero can capture sports movements, multiple actors with very low latency.

On-board sensors measure system performance so you know you are always getting the best out of your Vicon system.


Are you an existing T-series, Bonita or Vantage customer looking to add more? Vero is compatible with all of these cameras and the Vicon Vue video camera.

With cameras starting at $3,500 / £2,300, Vero could change your idea of motion capture.

Vero 360

Vero Specifications.

Technical Specifications Vero v1.3 Vero v2.2
Resolution 1.3MP
1280 * 1024
2048 * 1088
Frame Rate (Full Frame)
250 FPS
330 FPS
Pixel Shutter Type
Vicon 6-12 mm varifocal
Vicon 6-12 mm varifocal
Effective FOV (H x V)
W: 60.8 x 50.3 deg
T: 32.7 x 26.4 deg
W: 86.4 x 53 deg
T: 50.3 x 28 deg
850nm 'IR'
850nm 'IR'
Power Consumption
12 W
12 W
RJ45/Cat5e RJ45/Cat5e
575 g 575 g
Camera external dimensions
H x W x D: 83 x 80 x 135 mm
H x W x D: 83 x 80 x 135 mm

Vero Features

Vero <span>Features</span>