Designed for a future where motion capture and live action shooting become indistinguishable, Blade Powered by Axiom is engineered to capture performances effortlessly and deliver robust, reliable data that enables creativity.

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Blade is all about the studio. An easy to use interface, improved workflows and intelligent calibration makes the entire system easy to operate, accurate, fast and flexible at shoot time. Multiple ROMs (range of motion sequences) can be captured simultaneously and character setup is intuitive, with options to run separate skeletons for labeling and solving.

Blade is now fully compatible with Vicon's Vue video reference cameras. Calibrate Vue into your volume at the same time as your optical cameras and overlay your calibrated Vue video data onto your CG environment for easier character setup and real time solve quality assessment.


Axiom, Blade's live engine, faithfully reproduces performances with fast, clean, real-time visualization. It is capable of coping effortlessly with multiple characters, complex situations and difficult conditions. Significant occlusion and complex motions are taken in Axiom's stride with no loss of fidelity or subtlety of motion.

Without any additional hardware investment, accurate and robust realtime labeling increases the usable size of your volume, giving you space to be creative. Axiom allows you to focus on the performance, not the technology. It won't break your shooting momentum with failed or aesthetically unacceptable visualization. Just pure performance.


With the best real time on the market, there's no limit to what you can achieve. A fast turnaround time, high quality data and instant feedback on your performance, make Blade perfect for previsualization and virtual production. With Blade, you can access the Axiom engine offline as well as in real time, in a fully interactive post processing pipeline. What you see on shoot day, is the same flawless data you work with offline.


Blade's hugely popular QuickPost has also had an upgrade for Blade. Designed for offline access to Axiom's real time algorithms, your post processing workflow can now be as automated as you want it to be or fully interactive. The Post Editor gives you the option to manually edit your solve at any point in the process and send it back to the Axiom engine for the remainder of your pipeline. Alternatively, you can reconstruct, label, fix occlusions and solve with one click and see the same flawless data that was delivered by Axiom in real time.


At the heart of the motion capture system, Axiom provides the flawless real time that has become synonymous with Blade. Now also available offline, it can be used in a fully interactive post-processing pipeline.

Unrivaled Real Time Processing
  • Fast, clean real time visualization, faithfully reproducing the performance
  • Capable of coping with multiple characters, complex situations and difficult conditions (significant occlusion, complex motions)
  • Fast and graceful recovery from situations where it is impossible to label or solve
  • No distractions arising from failed visualization or aesthetically unacceptable visualization
  • New RT processing increases active volume size for realtime and QuickPost
  • Fast turnaround of high quality data for previz
  • Ability to select which cameras contribute to realtime processing


Separate Labeling and Solving Skeletons and Processes in Realtime as in Post
  • Dedicated Skeletons for different jobs
  • Use any skeleton for realtime solving – including your production skeleton
  • Brings the realtime and post processes ever closer
Character Setup
  • Capture multiple simultaneous ROMs
  • Reduce studio setup time
  • RT Solving setup can have markers that constrain multiple bones
  • Improved AutoVST
  • Improved AutoSkeleton
  • Faster and more accurate subject calibration
  • New manipulator type for faster manual skeleton setup
Accurate and Robust RT Labeling
  • Continuous monitoring of labeling and continuous rebooting in realtime
  • Manual reboot button
  • Support for joint ranges


Automatic Occlusion Fixing

Occlusion can now be automatically accounted for and gaps filled during realtime processing and in QuickPost


Blade's QuickPost gives you offline access to Axiom's realtime algorithms. It is designed for rapid turnaround of offline processing, and compliments Blade's existing, manual offline tracking process, offering a faster workflow and access to automated occlusion fixing.

Link aggregation

Link Aggregation provides the ability to distribute camera connections to a PC via Giganets through multiple network interface ports. This improves data throughput and avoids packet collisions allowing more data to be passed into a single machine. As a result the need to split high camera count setups systems across more than one system is significantly reduced.

Camera Resectioning

Camera resectioning has been reworked for Blade 2.0 and now successfully deduces the position and pose of individual cameras which have moved (perhaps been bumped) during a session.