Oxford Foot Model

The Oxford Foot Model is a clinically tested and validated model which can quickly add a valuable dimension to your studies. The model is available as a plug-in that seamlessly integrates with Vicon Nexus.


The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) has used the Oxford Foot Model clinically for several years, and has published many clinical papers on the validation of the model during this time. Based on two main foot segments – hindfoot and forefoot – plus a separate hallux segment, the model outputs adjusted kinematics for the ankle as well as the added inter-segment angles.


The Oxford Foot Model has been implemented to run seamlessly in the one click processing pipeline of Vicon Nexus, where it appears alongside standard plug-ins such as Plug-in Gait and Plug-in Modeler. You can start using the foot model simply by adding one more processing step to the pipeline, which is automatically executed without complicating your existing workflow.


The marker set for the Oxford Foot Model is an extension to the Conventional Gait Model, implemented in Vicon Plug-in Gait. This means you can conduct a detailed foot analysis at the same time as you work through the standard gait data acquisition. There is no need to remove one marker set and attach another, and you get results from both models for the same gait cycle.


The Oxford Foot Model is available to all Vicon Nexus users at no extra cost. Try it out and see how it can quickly add a valuable dimension to your clinical studies.

The Oxford Foot model has been developed by the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) and Oxford University.