Vicon Tracker is a powerful object tracking solution providing unrivaled data accuracy for integration in to 3D applications such as VirTools, Labview, Open Scene Graph, WorldViz, Panda3D and VR Juggler. Tracker has been designed for applications as diverse as robot tracking, ingress/egress, human factors engineering, design method optimization, virtual engineering and previsualization.


The powerful new core engine, rewritten from scratch in Tracker 3, means you can now track more objects at higher camera counts. It will process 10 objects at 2.8 milliseconds (ms) and five objects at 1.9 ms – our lowest latency ever.


Tracker 3.0 can process data in as little as 1.5ms, at more than 500 frames per second, which is up to five times less than other systems. With the added ability to recognize rigid bodies in 2D, your data will continue even if the markers become visible to only one camera. This results in fewer gaps and more reliable data.

With smart algorithms that select the best bits of data to use from the cameras, and new adaptive filtering techniques that change according to how fast an object is moving, Tracker 3 delivers a VR experience you can believe in.


Vicon is now the only optical motion capture provider to be able to offer low latency real-time modeling of robots out-of-the-box. Streaming data by UDP, Tracker 3 talks directly to Mathworks’ Simulink package for hardware in loop (HIL) testing. Get feedback from your robot directly into Tracker 3 for fast, low latency system testing.


Native implementation of the Dikablis Eye Tracking system within Tracker allows gaze data to be incorporated within your immersive environment via VRPN as well as our DataStream SDK.


Designed to work perfectly with Tracker, Apex is Vicon’s interaction device, built for virtual reality. Not only can you use multiple devices in one volume, but it also provides haptic vibration for user feedback and delivers reliable, robust tracking with as few as two Vero cameras.


Tracker's robust integration methods enable you to read data in UDP, TCP, and the VRPN Open Source protocol. VRPN allows support in the following 3D applications: VirTools, Open Scene Graph, Worldviz, Panda3D and VR Juggler. Tracker's support of the Vicon datastream allows both Unicast TCP connections and Multicast UDP connections. This is useful when latency is critical, such as transmitting real-time data over Wireless data links for UAV tracking and controlling the flight of a helicopter or path of a robot. TrackD and Autodesk MotionBuilder allow further support in various CAVE environments and other virtual simulations.


Whatever your application, Tracker can quickly stream real-time data in to it. Not only does it work with Vantage and Vero cameras, it's also compatible with the Vicon Virtual System, enabling you to prototype integrations in to your software without any hardware.


Tracker 3 operates under 64 bit installations of Windows 7. A 32 bit version is available on request.


Provides the best quality 6 degree of freedom solves from rigid clusters of markers by fusing 2D observations and 3D reconstructions. End to end latency from observation to availability of the 6DOF data in the client application as low as 5ms.


Simple, yet powerful rigid model builder with:

  • Single click model creation
  • Object translation/rotation GUI widget
  • Object similarity test
  • Snap tools help align and position origin
  • Constraints
  • Automatic one to many camera rigid body solving
  • No maximum number of markers per rigid body
  • Easy tracks at least 50 unique rigid bodies concurrently
  • Often requires fewer cameras than most competitors systems

Works with all Vicon MX family, T-Series, Vantage and Vero cameras as well as Vue video cameras. Tracker also interfaces with Giganet, other MX connectivity units and Apex.

Synchronized analog streaming from Giganet and MX Control with:

  • Genlock & Timecode
  • GPO to synchronize third party equipment
  • Remote hardware start/stop for capture
  • Full connectivity for Vicon Apex

Dikabilis Eye tracker:

  • Receive data via Ethernet
  • Simple intuitive calibration of gaze vector
  • Streaming out via standard Tracker interfaces
  • Link aggregation for multiple network connections to form single large system



Flexible real time streaming of data allows for easy integration within any of a large number of 3rd party applications.

Vicon DataStream SDK interfaces within: C++, .NET, Windows x86 & x64, Linux x86 & x64, MAC OSX, VRPN, TrackD*, ROS*

Device data: Analog, Apex & Dikabilis are all accessible via one or more of these interfaces.

* Using third party drivers

  • Record raw camera (and device) data
  • Playback without the need for lengthy or complicated processing of the data
  • Offline streaming of recorded data for analysis as if it were live

With many years' experience in camera calibration, Vicon now has the most advanced and accurate camera calibration of any passive optical motion capture system.

Support for standard Vicon passive and active calibration wands:

  • Can use 4 or 5 marker custom wands
  • Automatic lens parameter calculation
  • Recalibrate all or groups of cameras
  • Refine calibration of any subset of cameras



Basic use

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32/64-bit)
  • Core i7 Processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for connection to cameras
  • HW accelerated OpenGL graphics card (nVidia preferred)

Recommended minimum

  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Quad core Xeon processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Intel i340 network adaptor for multiple connections to cameras
  • nVidia Quadro 2000 or better graphics card