June 2023 Customer Newsletter

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Join us on Wednesday, June 28th at 4:30pm GMT

We are excited to partner with Dr. Martin Warner for our upcoming webinar on Upper Limb Kinematic Analysis: An Improved Model and Demystifying the Process. Martin Warner is a lecturer and researcher from the University of Southampton, specializing in musculoskeletal biomechanics and human joint health. Register here.

Case Study Spotlight 

NFL hopefuls’ movement analysis data offers ‘a blueprint for motion’

Data has transformed the personnel side of coaching in football, with GPS tracking and machine learning being used to to anticipate player success from college through to the NFL, but there are still significant gains left to be had. Elite coach Pete Bommarito and sports scientist Dr. Monique Mokha are taking football analytics to a new level using motion capture.

The data are already changing the way Dr. Mokha looks at different types of athletes. “The magnitude of how much better the biomechanical metrics get in the heavy players, like your offensive and defensive linemen, is huge,” she says. “It makes sense from a practical standpoint but that’s data that has surprised me: how much better they can get at applying the force to accelerate, and accelerating the thighs at just the right time. They’re over 300 pounds!”

Product Updates

NEXUS 2.15    TRACKER 4.0    SHOGUN 1.9


What's New in Shogun 1.9?

VFX Showreel

Valkyrie for VFX

Video Preview Mode in Shogun 1.9

What's New in Tracker 4?

Crazyflie Drone Demonstration - AUVSI 2023

Cornhole Demonstration - ACSM 2023

How Pixomondo created a crowd of 20,000 using virtual production

Read the 2023 edition of The Standard magazine, full of #ViconPowered motion capture innovation by our incredible community of users. This year we highlight several prosthetic research applications, a metaverse music video featuring the one and only Snoop Dogg, a vertical dance perception study, sport-specific analysis tools and much more.





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