Python Plug-in Gait to Excel


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This Python Code is an Example Code created to work in conjunction with Vicon Nexus 2 and processed Lower Body Plug-in Gait Data.

The code needs to be run from within Vicon Nexus 2.

The newly created Excel file will be saved in in your Session Folder. Kinetics and Kinematics will be exported.

If Gait cycles exist the first left and right cycle will be displayed as normalised data. If no gait cycles exist then the model output will be display for the complete trial. Any missing data will be displayed as zero.



  • Vicon Nexus 2.6 and above
  • Python version 2.7

Site Packages:

  • Numpy 1.8.2 or above
  • XlsxWriter 0.6.6 or above

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