Welcome to Nexus 2, Vicon's data capture software developed for our Life Science customers. With a host of new automated features, intelligent processing and flexible controls, Nexus 2 lets you focus on your research and not on your software.


The Nexus 2 data processing engine has been completely re-engineered to give you significant speed and accuracy improvements when processing your data.

Labeling in Nexus is intelligent. Not only is it faster and more accurate, but real-time labeling is also significantly improved. The new data processing engine also allows real-time subject calibration feedback and automatically initializes labeling of your subject – no need to label manually.


As the only optical motion capture provider on the MATHWORKS partners program, Vicon has developed native integration with MATLAB in Nexus. Run your MATLAB scripts from Nexus with one click.

Build your MATLAB processing scripts and see your results immediately with the Nexus-MATLAB dynamic connection. Run scripts from within the Nexus MATLAB pane or save these directly to your Nexus pipeline.

Not a MATLAB user? Nexus also comes with Python pre-installed. Access all your trial data with the Vicon SDK.


Save time with Nexus 2's Automatic Quality Assessment. By automatically detecting gaps and labeling quality in your data, Nexus 2 presents an informative, visual overview of your trial.

Improve your results with the expanded set of data fill options including the new Rigid Body and Kinematic Fills with Intelligent Automatic Donor Selection.


Creating simple, universal lab protocols has never been easier. Replacing the previous 'Protocols' concept, the Biomechanics Workflow builder creates a series of steps to combine data collection and offline processing. It also makes it simple to get started with the new SCoRE and SARA Functional Calibration, providing real-time visual feedback in the Nexus 2 workspace to assist with subject calibration.


ProEclipse is the new data management system for Vicon Life Science software users. With improved database navigation and intelligent search functionality, ProEclipse will enable you find your data with ease.


Nexus offers support for the Vue video cameras which are developed from the ground up for Vicon Life Science customers. Vue achieves full frame synchronization up to 60Hz at 1080p or 120Hz @ 720p from a single point of connection for both power and data. Spend less time setting up your system and more time on research thanks to the all-new one step dynamic video and optical calibration.