Final quality skeletal data by days' end

Live subject calibration
The time it takes from an actor putting on their suit through to when you call ‘Rolling’ can be substantial. Shōgun features a new live subject calibration, this means that you can be fully calibrated in under a minute. Initial labeling of your actors starts automatically as soon as they enter a T-pose. Shōgun then processes each frame of the ROM as it’s being captured, dynamically calibrating the subject in the background. This results in a proportionally accurate skeleton and delivers outstanding labeling results.
Full body mesh with video overlay
Shōgun’s custom subject mesh makes each actor’s appearance unique, as well as incorporating functional elements, giving you an immediate visual overview of the solving quality. The animation-inspired mesh is precisely scaled to fit to each actor during live subject calibration. Mesh features, such as X-ray mode and marker issue indicators, shows data quality as it’s captured. The mesh can be combined with the versatility of a Vicon Vue video camera, providing an X-ray of the mesh and solving skeleton overlaid with the video at the same time.
Camera monitoring and recovery  
Ensuring that the system is running at its optimum is the first step in ensuring that you are capturing the highest quality data. Shōgun introduces two new real time features; camera monitoring and camera recovery. Shogun monitors each individual camera making use of the accelerometer data and temperature readings from Vantage and Vero cameras. Shōgun then displays an intuitive set of camera icons providing the ability to monitor system performance in a single view. Should a camera be knocked during the shoot or if you want to move its location, Vicon now provides you with the ability to recover that camera on the fly using your actor or prop, this removes the need to clear the volume and recalibrate the whole system.
Unbreakable solving
The labeling and solving within Shōgun represent a step change in what a motion capture platform can provide in real time. Shōgun’s ability to deal with marker occlusions is unprecedented in the world of mocap and reinforces your confidence in the most challenging shoots. Some markers might be hidden but your character solve continues. Complex scenes like fight sequences and stunt work involving multiple actors all benefit from this unbreakable realtime.
Real-time to disk
All the data is written in real time directly to disk, meaning you no longer need to fully re-process your data after capture. This saves you and your productions a huge amount of time in Post. Simply drag your mocap file into Shōgun Post and review your data within seconds, knowing that it's exactly what you saw during the shoot. Data can be reprocessed from raw, but using Shōgun’s unbreakable realtime, in many cases this won’t be necessary. Shōgun Post features a new data heat map showing the data quality across your take. The Live improvements in labeling are also available in Shōgun Post.

Alexandre Messier, technical director at Ubisoft a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, who has been beta testing the Shōgun software for several months alongside Vicon, said:

“Most of our game teams are now asking for real-time previsualization, with Shōgun’s auto skeleton calibration, we can stream accurate data into 3rd party’s solution in seconds - allowing us to maximize precious time on the shoot floor. Shogun is adding speed to our data processing pipeline. Most importantly, that speed is not sacrificing any data quality. Instead it exceeds what we’re producing with Blade.”

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