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25 years of VFX

At the heart of every project that ILM has utilized performance capture for over the last 25+ years lies a core technology that helps push the boundaries of visual effects: Vicon motion capture systems. It is no exaggeration to say that the collaboration between ILM and Vicon has helped redefine the extent of our imagination.

The latest example of this work is one of ILM’s most challenging and ambitious projects ever – The Mandalorian.

Following the Emmy Award-winning season one, the latest season of The Mandalorian pushes the thrilling ride for fans to new heights — all thanks to ILM’s ground-breaking StageCraft technology that achieves a giant leap forward in filming techniques.

Mandalorian Film Set

“Vicon’s technology and hardware have improved tenfold or more since our relationship began in 1995, and the processing power its technology offers is like no other.”


“ILM always looks to partner with those who are making the best of class software/hardware or solutions for problems that we’re facing. If there is no solution, we’ll solve it on our own, but we’re incredibly lucky that we have a long-standing relationship with such an innovative company like Vicon. There’s never a reason for us to reinvent the wheel that’s already there.”


“With technologies like Vicon and Unreal Engine, Silver Spoon can turn around large volumes of content quickly while still retaining a very high level of quality. For production, we consider Vicon the gold standard. It’s just unbelievably powerful.”

Silver Spoon

VR Scouting
Full Body Capture
LED / Green Screen
In-camera Vfx

VR Scouting

VR Scouting powered by Vicon tracking allows for remote working and collaboration.
Vicon can track multiple HMCs within the same space for review of game engine sets within VR. Scouting and pre-production in VR enables agile, non-linear production to overcome scheduling blocks, delivers consistent production values over time and different locations, reduces the number of people needed on set, the amount of build and travel costs, as well as post production cost.​
Headset Tracking
Environment Tracking
Track your environment with Vicon – all aligned within the same space
Interaction Tool Tracking

Full Body Capture

Vicon is the only virtual production motion capture provider to offer mixed tracking: rigid bodies (cameras) in 3D space as well full bodies, not just one or the other. Our pipeline supports Simulcam, green screen composite, LED walls, virtual cameras, with active or passive markers, whatever kit you need.

Shoot in separate locations simultaneously — directors can now pick the best talent in the world regardless of location.

High Fidelity Finger Capture
HMC Support
Vicon supports Cubic Motion, Faceware and Dynamixyz HMC
Audio Capture
We support SDI audio for reference
Character Retargeting
Characters can be retargeted into game engine using Shōgun.
Immediate feedback on output allows performers and directors to improvise or re-take scenes for the best result.

LED / Green Screen

Bringing together Vicon’s industry leading tracking of both rigid object and full body subjects, the virtual production pipeline allows users to track film and video cameras alongside highly realistic digital characters, with fingers and face, all within the Shōgun platform.

Watch the video
Characters come to life using Vicon’s fullbody tracking solution, supporting high fidelity fingers and FBX / USD character retargeting, all within the Shōgun platform. Streaming directly into the game engine, removing 3rd party software, delivers the data at the lowest latency possible
This solution works across the full range of Vicon cameras including Vantage, Vero, Viper and ViperX. High resolution and low latency optical tracking that works both inside on set and outside on location. No matter your budget there is a camera solution that will work for you.
New to Shōgun is the ability to quickly re-calibrate a single SDI camera, allowing users to build a lens model for Focus, Iris and Zoom (FIZ). Optical markers placed on the camera lens allow the FIZ data to be tracked and sent into the game engine giving the user the ability to change the focus on the camea lens and see the result on the SimulCam.
This solution works with both our traditional passive marker system or active marker system. We have created new passive marker stalks that can be attached to the SimulCam and offer smooth, reliable tracking. Our Nova Active Strand can also be attached to the camera if you want to capture outside in direct sunlight for example.
SDI video cameras can be calibrated for both Intrinsics and Extrinsics using Vicon Shōgun software. Supporting up to 4 * 4K video streams, the SDI camera is calibrated as part of the main wand wave process. Once calibrated, the camera can then be moved around the volume and calibration is maintained.
Data is streamed directly from Shōgun into the Game Engine as quickly as possible, using separate channels based on the type of data. Cameras and rigid objects are delivered first, guaranteeing the lowest latency possible. Fullbody characters are then sent on a different channel with SDI video being sent separately. This delivers the optimum performance for a seamless SimulCam solution.
Any object with markers in the volume can be tracked and streamed within the space. This could be a prop, interaction device or set scenery. This is all tracked using Vicon’s super low latency, industry leading tracking algorithm which supports the ability to track an object from a single camera.

In-camera Vfx

Track the camera, live video (e.g. reference video or hero camera), all the props and scenery you need can be tracked with Vicon ICVFX. Capture focus changes in real time so takes can be signed off on-set.

Track in dark, smoky environments and adjust the lighting in real-time with unbreakable tracking.

Sub-mm tracking accuracy means sub-pixel accuracy in the LED wall for most realistic results.

With Vicon motion capture the physics isn’t cheated, the VFX is a virtual representation of what is actually shot in the real world.

Supplies realistic real time background and lighting
High speed, low latency Vicon cameras track the film camera and additional scenery
Marker crown attaches to film camera and delivers robust tracking across the entire stage
Shōgun allows you to quickly add or remove additional cameras based on the shot​
Tracking markers can be attached to any object or part of the set, which means you can easily get back to the original set up in the future if needed


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