5 environments you wouldn’t expect to find a Vicon camera

  1. The Nevada Desert, as part of a project studying the Mars rover with NASA
  2. In a vacuum chamber
  3. Up a snow covered mountain, in minus 20 degree conditions
  4. A live theatre performance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
  5. Outdoors, at night, in the countryside in the South West of the UK. This was the reason for this blog post. And now, we can discuss what conditions a Vicon system can operate in.

Polly McGuigan @pollymcguigan @CAMERA_Bath capturing pig motion on very chilly evening. Anyone know the minimum operating temp for @Vicon cameras?

Our camera officially rated to work between -5°C to +35°C. We do however have users that have successfully and happily used our camera in colder environments including ice rinks and ski slopes. Based on this…. I’m sure the pigs will be fine

As with any electronic product, the Vicon products operate at their best in an optimal environment, at a range of -5°C – +35°C (the stated figure is an ambient temperature of 25°C). But what happens when the conditions fall outside of this temperature range?

Given that customers have used the systems down as low as -20°C and in excess of 45°C and exposed to the direct sun, you can be confident that your system will keep running, even when you are ducking for shade or hunting for a mug of something hot.

Other things to consider though are the ancillary parts; things like cables – If these get too hot, or even too cold, their performance may become compromised. In extreme lows, they may become brittle and snap, in extreme highs, they may become too soft to protect the cores inside. Make sure that you investigate the operating conditions for these parts as well as your motion capture cameras.

And most importantly, the subject and operators, keep them safe.

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