ZeroSpace uses its Vicon system to power the next generation of concerts, documentaries and real-time influencer live streams

“Every single time we’re on the stage, we get a chance to do some very unique R&D testing that you rarely see other other studios do,” says Juan Carlos Leon, Character Technical Director for ZeroSpace. “We definitely love innovating in this space.”

ZeroSpace is a 50,000 sq ft next-gen production and creative studio that specializes in blending the real with the unreal. The Brooklyn-based company has both a Vicon-powered motion capture stage and a virtual production stage, and has worked with partners including Reeses, Paramount, Nike, Fortnite, Disney and Justin Bieber.

Not too long ago, however, the space served a different purpose entirely. “Essentially, before the pandemic, ZeroSpace was a ticketed immersive art experience in Manhattan, located right next to Madison Square Garden,” explains Elena Piech, Real-Time Producer for ZeroSpace. “They were doing super well and they had a team of about 100 people. They were getting ready to open their second location in California and then March of 2020 happened. ZeroSpace went from a team of 100 people to just our CEO, Jon Kreutzer.

“The Mandalorian had just come out, and Jon realized that virtual production was about to explode. At the same time, there were these LED tile manufacturers that didn’t really have much business because concerts and events weren’t happening. So he partnered with another company to build what was one of the largest virtual production stages in New York City.

“And we’ve since grown and now have a larger stage. And we pivoted from this immersive art experience into being a 3D content creation studio.”

While ZeroSpace’s focus has shifted, its DNA remains relatively unchanged. “Really, the experiential art is at the very core of our identity,” says Piech. “We try to always take on projects where we can think about really great ways to interact with audiences and find cutting-edge ways to do it. When we have downtime, we’re focused on R&D and thinking about things from a live performance standpoint.”


To read the full case study, you can download it here.


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