Nexus Insight

A powerful new reporting tool for life sciences



Introducing Vicon’s powerful new life sciences reporting tool, Nexus Insight. Built based on dialogue with our community, Nexus Insight simplifies reporting, saves time, and gives you control of your data, all within Vicon’s best-in-class motion capture ecosystem.

Whether you choose to use our automated reporting tools or create your own custom templates, Nexus Insight will bring clarity to your reporting, making it easier to visualize, interpret, share and compare your data.

Nexus Insight gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sensitive data is secure. Store your data offline, and use Moveshelf’s tried and tested technology for remote sharing when it’s time to collaborate.


“One of the key things that we can do with Nexus Insight is use it to produce reports that an athlete can take away. Users now have these simple steps to go through using this tool which integrates really nicely into Nexus itself. That’s just another example of Vicon being one step ahead of us, producing the next technology that will be really valuable to us moving forward.”

Simon Briley, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics

University of Derby

“This tool can be used effectively to illustrate key findings in an accessible way while still allowing the possibility for deeper exploration. Within teaching, this could enable students to interact with graphs alongside interactive 3D Vicon data and produce automated reports based on sample data collection procedures for analysis and feedback within sessions. I’m excited to see what comes next and what users can do with it. Hopefully, it can play a small part in continuing to spread our great science of biomechanics to the wider world.”

Stuart McErlain-Naylor, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics

Loughborough University

“Nexus Insight is an obvious progression for the Nexus suite of products. Vicon has always been an industry leader with their motion capture ecosystem, but with Nexus Insight, we will now be able to streamline our data capture, processing, and reporting. The interface is simple to use and the customizability of the templates is a real plus, without losing any richness of data. Nexus Insight will be a game-changer for me and my team to be able to quickly produce simple, yet sophisticated reports for coaches, collaborators, and participants.”

Dr. Kane Middleton, Senior Lecturer

La Trobe University

What is Nexus Insight?

What is Nexus Insight?

Nexus Insight & Derby University

Nexus Insight Webinar

Vicon has partnered with Moveshelf to develop Vicon’s powerful new reporting tool, Nexus Insight. By combining the tried and tested technology that powers the Moveshelf Information System and Vicon’s market-leading life sciences expertise and ecosystem, Nexus Insight brings you efficient, intuitive reporting.


Vicon has partnered with Moveshelf to develop Vicon’s powerful new reporting tool, Nexus Insight. By combining the tried and tested technology that powers the Moveshelf Information System and Vicon’s market-leading life sciences expertise and ecosystem, Nexus Insight brings you efficient, intuitive reporting.







What is the recommended PC specification to run my Vicon Nexus System?
What operating system (OS) can I use with my Vicon Software?
Current release version Windows 10 Windows 7* Linux OSX
Shōgun 1.4 64 bit x x x
Nexus 2.10.3 64 bit x x x
Tracker 3.7.0 64 bit x x x
Polygon 4.4.6 64 bit x x x
Capture.U Desktop 64 bit x x 10.12
CaraLive 1.3.0 64 bit 64 bit* x x
CaraPost 1.2.0 64 bit 64 bit* x x
Pegasus 1.2.2 64 bit 64 bit* x x
ProCalc 1.3.0 64 bit x x x
ProEclipse 1.3.1 64 bit 64 bit* x x
DataStream SDK 1.10.0 64 bit x 64 bit 10.11
Bodybuilder 3.6.4 64 bit 64 bit* x x

Please do note:

  1. Recommended and fully supported in Windows 10 (64bit) — with .NET Framework 4.5 and above
  2. * Although Vicon Software may install and function under other Microsoft Windows operating systems
    (Compatibility tested only Windows 7 (64bit) — with .NET Framework 4.5) , this is not officially supported or recommended by Vicon.
    After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates and support for PCs with Windows 7. If you continue to use Windows 7 after support has ended, your PC will still work, but it may become more vulnerable to security risks
  3. For Legacy version please contact Vicon Support
How do I set up my network card?

1. Open the Network and Sharing Center and navigate to Change Adapter Settings. Vicon Vantage/Vero cameras are designated to one port.  For each Vue (or Bonita Video) camera connected, there will be additional network port used.

2. Right click on the proper port and go into the Properties. The Local Area Connection Properties window will open. Make sure only Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) is selected.

3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list and select Properties to assign the proper IP address.

a .Vantage/Vero cameras will have the following IP Address: and Subnet Mask of:

b. The first VUE camera will have the following IP Address: and Subnet Mask of

c. Any additional VUE cameras the last IP value is incrementally increased by one. For example, the second VUE camera will be

Select OK to close out of the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties.  And OK again to close out of the Local Area Connection Properties.  This will make sure all changes have been saved.

4. Feel free to rename the network port so it is easily identifiable. Such as ViconMX, VUE1 or VUE2

For further assistance please refer to the Configuring Ports section of the PCSetupforViconSystems.pdf found in Downloads > Documentation

Nexus documentation

Visit the Nexus documentation pages, for information including:

  • What’s new in Nexus?
  • Guides on installing, using and delving deeper into Nexus
  • Setting up video cameras
  • Modelling with Nexus
  • PDFs

You can view Nexus documentation here.

Download Nexus Insight

    Download File

    Nexus Insight 1.0

    File Name: Vicon Nexus Insight 1.0

    Revolutionizing Motion Capture Reporting

    Vicon Nexus Insight 1.0 is a powerful new reporting tool that makes it easy to showcase and share your motion capture data. With its user-friendly interface, effective reporting features, and interactive capabilities, Nexus Insight is the perfect solution for researchers, clinicians, and coaches alike.

    Key Features:
    * Comprehensive report templates: Nexus Insight comes with a variety of pre-built report templates for common motion capture applications, such as gait analysis, baseball hitting, and side-cutting. These templates provide a quick and easy way to generate informative reports that highlight your key findings.
    * Customizable reporting: Nexus Insight also allows you to create your own custom report templates, tailored to your specific needs. This gives you the flexibility to generate reports that perfectly match your research or clinical workflow.
    * Comparative reporting: Nexus Insight makes it easy to compare data from multiple sessions or subjects. This is ideal for tracking progress over time or identifying differences between groups.
    * Interactive reporting: Nexus Insight reports are dynamic and interactive, allowing you to explore and analyze your data in a variety of ways. For example, you can split the screen to view multiple angles and charts simultaneously, or play back video footage in sync with your data graphs.
    * Seamless integration: Nexus Insight is seamlessly integrated with Vicon Nexus, making it easy to import and export data directly from your motion capture workflow.

    * Save time: Nexus Insight’s automated reporting tools and customizable templates can save you hours of time spent creating and formatting reports.
    * Improve accuracy: Nexus Insight’s interactive reporting features make it easy to identify and correct errors in your reports.
    * Gain insights: Nexus Insight’s powerful data visualization tools can help you to identify trends and patterns in your data that you might have otherwise missed.
    * Share findings: Nexus Insight makes it easy to share your reports with others, either as hard copies or through integration with Moveshelf, a cloud-based collaboration platform.

    Launch your motion capture reporting to the next level with Vicon Nexus Insight 1.0.

    * Licensing: Nexus Insight 1 license.
    * Supported operating system: Full supported under Windows 11 and Windows 10 (64-bit).


    Can I use Nexus Insight without launching Nexus?

    Yes, Nexus Insight operates as an individual software and as a direct Nexus integration.

    What version of Nexus integrates with Nexus Insight?

    Versions of Nexus 2.16 and later will have Nexus Insight integration. You will need to update your current Nexus version to activate the connection.

    Does Nexus Insight integrate with data from third-party devices?

    Yes, Nexus Insight can show any data from third-party devices connected to Nexus. This includes EMG, force plates and more.

    Do I need internet access on my PC to use Nexus Insight?

    No, Nexus Insight can operate completely local on a PC without internet access.

    Do I need a license to use Nexus Insight?

    Yes. This a new reporting tool which requires a Nexus Insight license. As a separate purchase, Nexus Insight runs alongside or individually to Nexus. Request a license using Vicon’s Product Licensing Utility. For more details, please refer here.

    Can I use Nexus Insight on Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems?

    Yes, Nexus Insight is tested and fully supported under both operating systems.

    What PC and laptop are compatible with Nexus Insight?

    All supported hardware requirements are provided here.

    What report templates are available and do these include example data?

    The following report templates are provided with Nexus Insight: lower limb gait, functional movement side-cutting, and baseball hitting. Example data are available for all report template examples provided.

    Can I edit report templates and add and/or remove parameters to tailor to my needs?

    Yes, these are editable and can be tailored to your own reporting outcome requirements. For more information, see our documentation.

    Can I create my own report template?

    Yes, a user is not limited to fixed report templates. Nexus Insight is designed to be flexible to allow you to create your own reporting templates to cater for all user-needs.

    What files do I need for reporting in Nexus Insight?

    Nexus Insight will utilize Nexus C3D files to display model outputs such as joint angles, spatial temporal parameters and more. To allow for video overlay and 3D visualization, any videos and third-party data, such as force plates, are compatible.

    Who is Moveshelf?

    Moveshelf was founded in 2017 to develop software that accelerates our understanding of human motion. Moveshelf develops and sells the information system for movement disorders, which is used internationally by leading healthcare organizations specialized in movement analysis and movement disorders. To find out more, please visit our partner page.

    I would like a cloud-based solution to collaborate and share my data and reports. How does this work?

    Alongside exporting locally within Nexus Insight, this software can be integrated with Moveshelf. This optional add-on allows you to connect Nexus Insight with a secure dashboard specifically for your institute to allow data upload and reporting for further collaboration.

    How do I activate my cloud-base export?

    To activate cloud-based export, please contact Moveshelf at [email protected]. They will activate the secure storage allowing sharing and collaboration within Nexus Insight.


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