Vicon adds real-time global angle data to motion tracking app


Latest update to Capture.U significantly expands capabilities of Vicon’s easy-to-use inertial tracking platform

Vicon, the world leader in motion capture, has released a significant update to its motion analysis app, Capture.U – available for free with Vicon’s Blue Trident inertial sensors.

Capture.U 1.2 adds global angles outputs to all capture modes, bringing rapid access to global angle tracking data in real-time, live training environments without the need for any addition calculations or technical expertise.

Unlocking global angles is vital for researchers and biomechanists, but they have previously only been automatically calculated and displayed in real-time within lab-based optical motion capture platforms. With Capture.U 1.2 this analysis now takes place onboard the Blue Trident sensors – giving sports scientists, coaches and physiotherapists, even at grass roots level, easy access to these advanced biomechanical insights.

The Capture.U 1.2 update will also enable users to compare direct onboard global angles to joint angles from within the AR Visualization mode that uses Apple’s Augmented Reality Kit 3 (ARKit 3), giving coaches and researchers a more comprehensive set of tools to analyze athlete movement and performance live and in the field. The data can also be exported for later in-depth comparison in Capture.U Desktop.

The new global angles output is calculated onboard the Blue Trident inertial sensor by fusing the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data it collects. The update complements the existing capture tools in Capture.U to expand the ability of coaches and researchers to track athlete performance over time, share insights, and develop more tailored milestone-based training programmes – all without the need for additional tracking equipment or calculations beyond the inertial sensors and a compatible iOS device.

Dr Kim Duffy, product manager, life sciences of Vicon, commented:


“This update to Capture.U is just the latest development of the app we’re designing to help coaches and researchers analyze the performance of athletes in their natural environment, rather than in a lab setting. You can stream global angles live in real-time with video overlay in some of the capture modes, meaning this powerful measurement tool can be easily embedded in sports training, rehabilitation and research programmes.


“With global angles we’ve incorporated one of the most desirable features within the biomechanics community – making this an update that significantly increases the ability of coaches and analysts to capture more meaningful and easy-to-use data up and down the sporting pyramid.”

The Capture.U iOS app and Blue Trident sensors are available now.

Blue Trident also integrates with Nexus 2.10 so inertial data can be precisely aligned and synchronized with the optical motion capture world.

Blue Trident is being used by high-performance customers including Red Bull.


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