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Pegasus is Vicon’s retargeting software that will take streaming data from Tracker, Shogun, Nexus or Blade and allow it to be applied to a custom skeleton or model.

Pegasus is available in one of two product variants: Pegasus and Pegasus Advanced. Installation of either product is via the same installer, unlocked version is dependent on your license.

Integration with the Unreal Engine (4.15) is included as a precompiled plugin and an example script is provided to illustrate how to use the resulting data in Unity3D. More recent Unreal and Unity plugins are available on request.


  • Pegasus 1.2.2 implements a new feature that allows users to apply the global scale factor on streaming. This is such that if the skeleton is globally scaled to fit the subject data, users can choose to stream skeletal data at the original size or at the size of the subject.
  • Other updates to the FBX libraries allow for files created in newer applications to be imported into Pegasus 1.2.2.



For more details on PC specifications please see: FAQS FOR OPERATING SYSTEMS AND PC

  • Windows 10 (64bit) Tested and Supported OS
  • Intel Xeon E5-1xxx v2 Processor or better supporting AVX & SSE4.2 processor extensions
  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • 2 GB NVIDIA Quadro P620 Tested and Supported Graphics Cards


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