Vicon Vue Clear. Precise. Effortless.

Vue Specifications.

Technical Specifications Vue
Resolution 2.1MP
1920 * 1080
Frame Rate (Min)
30 FPS
Frame Rate (Full Frame) at 1080p 60 FPS
Frame Rate 720p 120 FPS
Vicon 6-12 mm Varifocal
Effective FOV (H x V)
W: 82.7 x 52.7 deg
T: 47.5 x 27.8 deg
Max Power Consumption
12 W
Connectivity Single RJ45 connection for Cat5e cabling
carrying power and data
Weight 512 g
Camera external dimensions
H x W x D: 83 x 80 x 125 mm

Vue Clear. Precise. Effortless.

Vicon Vue is the industry's only HD high resolution fully synchronised video camera that does not sacrifice speed for clarity.


With full HD resolution, Vicon Vue brings the sharpest video image into your motion capture volume.


Synchronous calibration with your Vicon optical cameras means your optical and video views are perfectly aligned capturing the finest details.


Connecting your Vue camera is the set up process.


Are you an existing T-series, Bonita or Vantage customer looking to add more? Vue is compatible with all of these generation of optical cameras.

Vue <span>Specifications.</span>

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