November 2022 Customer Newsletter

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This quarter we have a variety of content to share with you, including our newly released Life Sciences Buyer’s Guide and Nexus Skeleton Template Guides, a brand new Active Strand product and more.

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Vicon has served the Life Sciences market since our start over 35 years ago, and is the industry leader in motion capture.

When considering which package is right for you, there are some questions you can ask to ascertain if the technology and the fit is right. Our new guide includes:

  • Key terminology
  • Ways to capture
  • Types of motion capture
  • System specifications
  • Life sciences motion capture model outputs
  • Things to consider in the decision-making process


Nexus Skeleton Templates : Native and Custom 



Vicon Skeleton Template (VST): a generic labeling skeleton template that can be applied to any subject and describes the relationship between the markers and the underlying skeleton to which they are attached.

Nexus, our life sciences software, has many powerful native skeleton templates for your use. Nexus also enables you to build your own robust custom skeleton templates for reliable labeling. The Vicon team has put together two new guides to help you get started with both Native and Custom Skeleton Templates within Nexus.

SuperNova builds on the success of Vicon’s Nova LED solution to offer next-gen active tracking of props and objects in large and occluded environments. 


Designed in direct response to the increased sizes and complexity of motion capture volumes seen in virtual production, our newly

developed optic enables 270-degree visibility at stable ranges of over fifteen meters – almost double that of the previous generation.

While SuperNova builds on the performance of its predecessor, compatibility and customization remain at the heart of its design. Users can create marker layouts that suit their specific object needs and power the strand using a wide range of off-the-shelf USB battery packs.

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