October 2020 Customer Newsletter

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This quarter we released Vantage+, updates to EvokeTrackerShōgun and Nexus, announced our Vicon staff-hosted webinar series, published the Sports Biomechanics Vision Paper, released the 2020 edition of our internal magazine, The Standard, exhibited at virtual SIGGRAPH and ECSS and much more. 

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We are proud to offer Vantage+ to our community of Vantage users, providing the flexibility to capture extreme speeds with the full power of your existing hardware. The Vantage+ firmware update is now available to download from the Vicon website, along with companion updates to Shōgun, Nexus and Tracker.

Download Vantage+

Vicon Webinar Series

Join the Vicon team for a series of staff-hosted webinars covering a range of topics across all of our market verticals, from Vantage+ to ProCalc, Shōgun and more.

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IMU Step

IMU Step is a lower limb load monitoring tool that delivers external & internal workload metrics to running sport, warfighter, and rehabilitating athletes and patients. It provides actionable symmetry and load profile insights captured via small, synchronized, high-frequency ankle-mounted sensors supported with mobile and desktop apps.

IMU Step subscription packages are now available for purchase directly on the IMeasureU website. A purchase of IMU Step includes a physical delivery of the IMU sensors, straps, and charging cradles, access to IMU Step’s iOS app, desktop software, and cloud dashboard to view Step metrics, plus setup, training, and support.

Learn more here.

The Standard – 2020 Edition 

The 2020 edition of The Standard is now available to read or download from our website. This edition includes 21 articles ranging from internal op-eds to customer stories focused on all markets from customers like Framestore, Red Bull, Double Negative, Bell Innovation, and more.

Read it here.

Sports Biomechanics Vision Paper

Faster, higher, stronger?, our newest vision paper, looks to identify the key trends and developments in motion tracking technology that will have the biggest impact on the sports community.

Drawing on Vicon’s own experts and industry voices from across academia and professional practice, the vision paper provides a range of perspectives and predictions for the next 12 months and up to 2025, highlighting the changes we can expect to see in how motion tracking is used in sports settings. For example, the paper looks at how:

  • App-based tracking solutions will increasingly make tracking data immediately available in the field
  • Tracking data will help build a comprehensive picture of what contributes to the highest levels of elite performance to optimise development pathways for athletes
  • Innovations from data and computer science will help create reference data to support real-time ‘biofeedback’ and break new ground in global data sharing between biomechanists


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Vicon Standard 2021

See your #ViconPowered application featured in the next edition of The Standard. We are compiling customer stories and other content for the 2021 Vicon Standard now.

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