Automatic Retargeting Setup scripts for MetaHuman / UE5 Mannequin


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Download Automatic Retargeting Setup scripts for MetaHuman / UE5 Mannequin

Automatic Retargeting Setup scripts for MetaHuman

Automatic Retargeting Setup scripts for MetaHuman / UE5 Mannequin

This is a set of scripts which automatically sets up a default retarget, not including fingers, from a Shogun 1.8 VSS to a MetaHuman or UE5 Mannequin retarget skeleton.

We recommend using the UE5 Mannequin as the retaret skeleton when retargeting to MetaHuman instead of the actual MetaHuman skeleton. MetaHuman skeletons can be used in Shogun, but are more complex. Because the UE5 Mannequin uses the same set of core bones as the MetaHuman skeleton, and a single mesh bound to them, it’s recommended to retarget to the UE5 Mannequin skeleton in Shogun and then place the resulting animation onto the MetaHuman in Unreal Engine.

With Shogun 1.10 and onwards, these scripts with finger support will be included in the installation.

– The scripts are written for Shogun 1.8 and are not compatible with previous versions.
– Before using these scripts, please ensure you’ve downloaded and are using the latest VSS files available on our website:
– Copy the automatic setup scripts to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vicon\ShogunPost1.x\Scripts or your desired custom scripts path and (re)launch Post or reparse the scripts.
– The scripts support the Mannequin from UE 5.0.3 or later.
– Mannequin skeletons can be exported directly from Unreal Engine
– Once the Mannequin FBX is imported into Post as a retarget skeleton, the expected hierarchy is Character\Retargeting\Locator\root\pelvis. Please modify the FBX if needed to ensure this is the case. The name of the locator does not matter.
– The script expects root and pelvis to exist and will automatically set the pelvis as the 6 dof root and remove the dofs from root.

Using the scripts:
1. Start with a solved standard Shogun VSS.
2. Load the retarget FBX via the Subject Setup Panel > Retargeting Tab, Open button in the panels toolbar.
3. If desired, adjust the retarget skeleton scale.
4. Run SetupRetargetToUE5Mannequin.hsl.
5. Run a retarget over the play range and confirm the target skeletons motion looks correct.
6. Adjust the retarget setup as needed.

Tips and advanced use:

SetupRetargetToUE5Mannequin.hsl can be customized, or portions can be used if you’re retargeting to an FBX which doesn’t match what’s expected.

The script will gracefully fail if the hierarchy below the Retargeting Setup is not one it supports. This may be the case if you’ve exported a Mannequin or MetaHuman in a different way than expected or made modifications to it. The first 100 or so lines of the script deal with determining if everything is as expected, parenting the root(of the right skeleton) to the RetargetingSetup, removing locators or extra skeletal hierarchies, and setting the pelvis as root. If your skeleton hierarchy differs you can do this manually and then run from Set_UE_5_0_3_Mannequin_GeoTwists down to do the rest of the automatic setup. Or you can use the individual called scripts to assist with portions of setup.

SetUE5_Mannequin_DOFsSidesParts.hsl is called by the main script, but can also be used to set the dofs for the Mannequin or MetaHuman skeleton. This can be done via the drop down on the load button in Subject Setup with the retargeting tab active. Choose dofs, sides, and parts.

DisableMetaHumanExtraBones.hsl can be used to turn off dofs and hide the many extra bones that exist in MetaHuman skeletons.


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