Detect Events from a Bertec Force Plate Force Plate Treadmill


Technical information

Download Detect Events from a Bertec Force Plate Treadmill

Detect Events from a Bertec Force Plate Treadmill

Script Name: BertecTreadmillForcePlateGaitCycleEvents

Language: MATLAB, Python (2.7)


This file is supplied to illustrate the normal operation of the Nexus to Python/MATLAB interface.
Oxford Metrics and Vicon Motion Systems accept no responsibility for its
correct operation.

This code can be used to define the gait cycle events from a Bertec force
plate by using the Fz channels of both force plates only.

There must be a subject in the session folder, and the left and
right Bertec treadmill plates must be uniquely named. The names must
start with a letter and not contain spaces.

In order for the code to work as intended, the subject must be walking or running on both plates.

The user will be prompted with five inputs:

  • Subject name
  • Left treadmill plate name
  • Right treadmill plate name
  • Whether or not to clear the existing gait cycle events in Nexus
  • The force threshold

The events will be written back into Nexus. For better results, the data should be filtered first. Due to the noisy nature of the Fz data at the foot offs, the foot off events may be a few frames off.

It is recommended to check the gait cycle events written to Nexus.


  • MATLAB: None (originally created in MATLAB 2018a)
  • Python modules: numpy, tkSimpleDialog, tkinter, sys

Run in Vicon Nexus: Yes

Example data provided: Yes, (Processed in Nexus 2.11.0)

Author:  Nev Pires – Vicon Motion Systems, Inc.


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