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    University of Southampton - Upper Limb Kinematic Model



    Script Name: University of Southampton_Upper Limb Kinematic

    This Upper Limb Kinematic Model was created by the University of Southampton, Dr Martin Warner. The biomechanical model is based on the published research and recommendations of the International Society of Biomechanics (Wu et al., 2005). Any questions regarding this model please contact Dr Martin Warner at [email protected].



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    KONTAXIS, A., CUTTI, A. G., JOHNSON, G. R. & VEEGER, H. E. J. 2009. A framework for the definition of standardising protocols for measuring upper-extremity kinematics. Clinical Biomechanics, 24, 246-253.

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    • University of Southampton – Upper Limb Kinematic Model (ProCalc schemes)
    • Instructions of the implementation including marker placement information
    • Sample data (Static, range of motion and movement trials)
    • Labeling Template for the Upper Limb Kinematic Model (VST)
    • Labeling Template for the Plug-in Gait Full Body and Upper Limb Kinematic Model (VST)



    The Upper Limb Kinematic Model is compatible and fully supported under Windows 10 operating system and limited testing under Windows 11. ProCalc 1.6 (or later) must be installed to use this model. ProCalc is integrated into Vicon Nexus. It is recommended to use the model within Nexus 2.14 (or later).



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