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VDS Logger

VDS Logger

Script Name: VDSLogger.exe
Language: Python 3 – The executable was built using Python 3 64 bit


This script creates a GUI based on objects/markers and devices in the trial that is intended to be used in Vicon Tracker only. The GUI allows you to customize the device outputs 6DOF data (helical or euler). You can also choose which labeled trajectories are output as well. Please note, these labeled trajectories are estimates based on the object pose. A use case for this program are when marker trajectories are needed from Tracker and/or very long trials are expected and capturing the optical data is impractical.

Note: The executable may be flagged by your antivirus and removed. To build the original script to an executable file, you can use PyInstaller


If using the executable, none. If using the source code, you will need to use Python 3 and have the Python 3 Vicon Datastream installed.

Python Modules: tkinter (installed by default), pandas, numpy

Example data provided: Video of usage provided with the download

Author: Kory Herber – Vicon Motion Systems, Inc.


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