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During data collection a camera was bumped, what now?

If you are able to, re-calibrate your cameras before continuing data collection. If you are unable to calibrate until after data collection is completed, note the trial where the calibration needs updating.

1. After data collection, re-calibrate your system
2. Open the trial which needs an updated calibration (XCP)
3. Either:

a. Go to File > Import XCP
b. Within the Pipelines Tools pane, expand File Import and add Import XCP to your pipeline

4. Both options require you to navigate to the desired calibration file. The Latest Calibration file (XCP) is located here: C:\ProgramData\Vicon\Calibrations
5. Use the Import XCP file loading option or pipeline operation for each trial which needs an updated XCP file.

Tip: The Import XCP pipeline operation can be used in batch processing mode to update multiple trials efficiently.