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How do I orientate the sensors when attaching them?

Blue Trident

  • Attach the straps to the subject, ensuring that:
    • The strap sits snugly against the limb
    • The sensor is oriented with the top (head) pointing in the same direction as the movement of the subject.
    • The flashing LED is at the top of the strap.


The following example shows a strap attached so that the sensor sits directly on the medial aspect of the tibia, just above the medial malleolus:

Blue Thunder

  • Best practice for sensor placement is what we call the “man-up” position.
    • The black half of the sensor is closest to the body, with orange facing out.
    • The IMU Man is standing up, with the on/off switch pointing down.
    • It is useful employing this method as it helps knowing sensor orientation when interpreting your data during analysis.