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How do I VRPN into Virtools from Tracker?

Virtools, a commercial application, has support for VRPN and can be configured to connect with Vicon Tracker as follows.

A full VRDevice.cfg file is included below.


Head@TrackerPC is the way Virtools connects to the VRPN server within Tracker. The format is object_name@PC_Name. This configuration file will look for an object called “Head” on the Tracker server called “TrackerPC.”

vrpnTracker_0 Head@TrackerPC
neutralPosition_0 0.0 0.0 0.0
neutralQuaternion_0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0
axisPermute_0 0 2 1
axisSign_0 1 1 1
trackerScale_0 1
TrackerGroup_0 T0:0:6

This VRDevice.cfg also contains other directives that:

  • Map the Vicon coordinates properly to the Virtools coordinates:
axisPermute_0 0 2 1
axisSign_0 1 1 1
  • Add a tracker group with:
TrackerGroup_0 T0:0:6

To complete the process, do the following:

  • Add the VRPN settings to a VRPack.cfg file, which is in the same folder as the .cmo. That way it can be tested with Virtools Dev.
  • For versions of Tracker before 1.2 in the composition, activate the Use Scale option and change the value of

in your VRDevice.cfg file to 0.001 (converts Vicon mm to Virtools m).

For a full description of any of these configuration options, please refer to the Virtools documentation.