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My cameras are not connecting into my Vicon software, now what?

There are a couple reasons as to why cameras will not connect into the software.  Below are some items to look at if you are encountering troubles.

1. Is the hardware on and connected to the computer? Make sure the Vicon connectivity device (i.e. POE+, Giganet or Ultranet) is connected to a configured network port. If you have not set up a network port please refer to the FAQ: How do I set up my network card?

2. Is the system in Live Mode? Please go over to the Systems Tab and make sure you are Live. This can be verified at the top of the 3D Perspective; it will either say “Live” or the name of the currently opened trial.

3. Is the Vicon Software being allowed through the Windows Firewall. To check – please see the following FAQ: I just installed the latest version of software but the cameras no longer connect when I run it. What can I do?

4. Do you have Anti-Virus installed? If so, is the active scanning on the Anti-Virus software turned off? The active scanning will disrupt communication between the computer and the cameras.

If the cameras are still not connecting into the software please contact support.