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On a network machine, how do I: Check out a commuter license?

To check out a license:

1. Open Vicon Product Licensing.

2. In the License Server list in the top part of the dialog box, right-click on a license that permits commuter licensing for the required product.

If the selected license permits commuter licensing, the context menu displays a Check Out option and at the bottom of the dialog box, a Check Out License button is displayed.

3. Click Check Out and in the Check Out License dialog box:

a. Specify the number of days for which you want to use the license remotely.

b. Expand the Advanced Options by clicking the downward pointing arrow on the right, and click Remote Check Out.

Caution: Do not overestimate the number of days for which the license will remain checked out. After a remote check out, you cannot check the license back in again until the number of days that you specified has expired.

4. In the Remote Commuter License Check Out dialog box, enter the locking code string for the remote machine that was emailed or sent by the user of the remote machine, as described in On the remote machine, how do I: Generate a locking code? above, and click Check Out.

5. In the Save Commuter License dialog box, type or browse to a path and filename for the saved commuter license, click Save to File and then close the dialog box. The commuter license is saved as a license file (*.lic).

6. Email the saved commuter license file to the remote user.

The remote user can then save and activate the checked-out commuter license on the remote machine, as described in the following steps.