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What is Plug-in Gait MATLAB?

Vicon Plug-in Gait (conventional gait model) has been ported into Matlab code and is freely available for download from the associated page below or by browsing the download section.

Plug-in Gait Matlab forms part of the Advanced Gait Workflow (AGW) installer.

This code runs Plug-in Gait on non AGW trials (as per conventional gait workflow). Plug-in Gait Matlab also makes use of functional joint centres (hip and knee) as created by SCoRE and SARA.

The Plug-in Gait Matlab code can also be run in conjunction with native Plug-in Gait, allowing a direct comparison between the two versions, which provide the same results, assuming the code has not been edited.

– Please note Plug-in Gait Matlab is not intended for Clinical use.