Origin by Vicon Launch at Siggraph 2018

Origin by Vicon Launch at Siggraph 2018

Origin by Vicon Launch at Siggraph 2018

At SIGGRAPH 2018, Vicon offered expo attendees the opportunity to explore five unique worlds created exclusively for the show by Dreamscape Immersive, makers of the critically acclaimed “Alien Zoo” VR experience. This virtual experience was powered by our new range of location-based VR products, Origin. Teams of three had the chance to wander from one virtual world to the next, while external stimuli added to the immersion. One initial calibration of the Vicon system allowed over 300 participants to successfully complete this virtual journey over three days.

The Experience

Players navigated five custom-built environments, with each participant being transformed into a virtual avatar fully animated in real-time using the latest Vicon software, Evoke. After being transported into the VR world, participants began their virtual odyssey in a vast desert covered by sandy dunes, then wandered through the debris of an Indiana Jones-inspired temple. After a quick stop in a baseball stadium where they had the chance to hit one out of the park followed by passage on a spaceship hurtling through a treacherous space-scape, the experience ends with a river ride through a futuristic city. Throughout the 10-minute demo, external environmental effects like gusts of air augmented the experience, engaging additional senses to draw players even deeper into the VR world.

“What blew me away was the realism. It was truly immersive, I felt like I wasn’t even at the conference.” -Brad Oleksy, Ubisoft

Dreamscape and Origin

Vicon has been working closely with Dreamscape for over four years, providing the unique opportunity to build and tune Origin for the location based virtual reality market. Product features grew out of this targeted testing, including the ability for the Origin system to automatically heal itself throughout the day and the ability to run Evoke in “headless mode” which allows interfacing with custom built host applications.

Our entire suite of Origin products was put to the test in this demonstration. 30 of our new Viper cameras tracked participants, each wearing six Pulsar clusters on their hands, feet, backpack and headsets, while a single Beacon ensured that all equipment stayed connected and calibrated.

Thank you to our partners at Dreamscape, the SIGGRAPH organizers, and our Vicon team who all worked to make this launch successful!

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