Texas Back Institute

Texas Back Institute

The Spine Biomechanics Laboratory at Texas Back Institute Research Foundation investigates the biomechanical risk factors associated with spinal ailments in an effort to define the most appropriate and efficient treatment options for patients.

The Spine Biomechanics Laboratory is a critical component in bridging the basic science of biomechanics and engineering with the clinical science of treating patients suffering from spinal ailments.

The Spine Biomechanics Laboratory was established on December 2015. The lab is associated with a multi-disciplinary team of investigators and clinicians who initiate and implement studies related to their specific areas of interest in spinal disorders. 

In the past year, the Spine Biomechanics Laboratory has assessed over 50 patients. The estimated number of patient visits for 2017 is between 150 and 200. The Lab is actively studying patients with scoliosis, myelopathy, back pain, and total disc replacement. Clinical research has been reported at more than a dozen international spine meetings and has resulted in several research papers submitted for publication.

The Texas Back Institute Research Foundation is dedicated to improving care for those with back pain by performing clinical research, educating spine care providers at international conferences, publishing results of research in peer-reviewed journals, and offering a wide array of individual educational programs for patients as well as surgeons from the US and abroad.

Dr Ram Haddas ~ Texas Back Institute

For more information about Texas Back Institute please visit their website.

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