FMX, Stuttgart, Germany – 25-27th April

Come and see our world-leading solutions for VFX at the show.

With LIVE demos at our booth #3.7 every day you can see how Vicon can help your Virtual Production, whatever your budget.

Tuesday 25th, at 5 pm, in the Mannheim Room come and see our workshop with our VFX Product Manager David ‘Ed’ Edwards:

Vicon and Virtual Production: The Evolution of Motion Capture for ICVFX
Virtual Production and ICVFX specifically have had a considerable impact on modern filmmaking technologies and pipelines. In this talk, industry veterans Vicon explain some of the unique challenges Virtual Production has posed to motion capture, how they have responded, and a glimpse into what may come next.

Read more about our Virtual Production and Shogun software before you come.

See you there!