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Technical information

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Gait Sub Phases - Python

This file is supplied to illustrate the normal operation of the Nexus to Python 3.9 interface.

Oxford Metrics and Vicon Motion Systems accept no responsibility for its

correct operation.


The two gait cycle codes are found in the Walking and Running subfolders respectively.

These codes are called:


– walking_sub_phases_v2

– running_sub_phases_v2


These codes can be used to identify the subphases of the walking or running gait cycle. The user will be prompted to select subjects name

from a dropdown menu and an excel spreadsheet will be generated containing the gait cycle events.


This code works by using the LASI and RASI markers. The foot strikes and the foot offs for the left and right leg must

already be accurately placed in the trial for this script to work.


There will be two sheets in the spreadsheet, one for the left and right leg respectively containing the gait cycle events.

It is recommended to check the accuracy of the outputs


This code was written and tested on normal gait data only, and so,

its accuracy for pathological gait has not been verified


To run this code, the following modules must be installed:


– numpy

– tkinter

– sys

– pandas

– viconnexusapi

– viconnexusutils


Written by Andrea Rivera and Nev Pires

This code will work based on the assumption that the foot strikes and foot offs have been properly

identified within the trial

The LASI and RASI markers must be present and labelled in the trial

Events will be calculated that fall between the gait cycle only. That is, between foot strike to foot strike of the ipsi-lateral leg


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