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Download Python Gait Report PDF

Python Gait Report PDF

Python Gait Report PDF
Script Name:
Language: Python 3
This script creates a clean pdf gait report with averaged +/- 1 SD data averaged across all gait cycles for left and right sides.
It is intended to be used with the standard Plug-in Gait model outputs but could be modified to fit other model outputs in the c3d.
This is also meant to be used with instrumented treadmill trials as the script does not exclude gait cycles with invalid kinetic data (no force plates).
Within the pipeline arguments, at least one (or a combination of the three) following arguments must be entered:
For example, if just the kinematics are desired, the arguments would be written as:
If all three are desired, the arguments would be:
-Kinematics -Kinetics -GRF
Dependencies: numpy, matplotlib, webbrowser, time argparse
Run in Vicon Nexus: Yes, this can be run as pipeline in Nexus using Nexus Python (all modules above installed with Nexus python)
Example data provided: Sample PDF output provided
Author: Kory Herber – Vicon Motion Systems, Inc.


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