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Replace 4 Macro

Replace 4 Macro

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Language: Matlab, Python (2.7)


This script is designed to replicate the Replace4Macro that is used in BodyBuilder. The original code can be found from our website under the heading “Models and Scripts”, in the download called “BodyBuilder Example Models”.  This code will work if one marker on a rigid body segment is missing for a few frames in the trial. If two or more markers on the rigid body segment are missing in the same frame/s, they will not be replaced. If a marker is missing for the entire trial, please use the companion code “replaceMissingMarker.m” (for Matlab) or “” for Python (

  • The inputs are the Subject Name: as a string which is the same as the VSK name; p1, p2, p3 and p4 are the markers on the rigid body segment.
  • These should be entered as strings, and they need to match the marker names in the VSK.
  • If one out of the four markers are missing (but is present in at least one frame), this code will replace the missing marker. In Python, the subject name will need to be chosen from a dropdown menu.



  • Python – numpy, tkinter, viconnexusapi, viconnexustils


Run in Vicon Nexus: Yes. This only works for a single trial.

Example data provided: Yes.

  • To run the code on the example data provided, please load the trial “Torso Markers Missing” in Nexus.
  • Load either “Run Matlab Operation” or “Run Python Operation” into the current pipeline and choose replace4Macro.m” (for Matlab) or “” for Python, and run the pipeline.
  • You will be prompted in Matlab to first enter the subjects name, in this example ‘Katlin’, and subsequently the names of the four markers (‘C7’, ‘T10’, ‘CLAV’, ‘STRN’) that make up the rigid body segments. In Python, you will need to enter the names of the four markers (‘C7’, ‘T10’, ‘CLAV’, ‘STRN’) on the rigid body segment, and to choose the subject name (‘Katlin’) from the dropdown menu.
  • In the example trial provided, the C7, T10, CLAV and STRN markers are missing at different times in the trial T10 and STRN are both missing at the same time for part of the trial.
  • During the frames where only one of the markers is missing, those markers will be recovered.
  • However, for the frames where two markers on the segment are missing, neither marker will be replaced.


Author: Nev Pires – Vicon Motion Systems, Inc.


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