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How can I access the Python Command List and Help for Nexus 2?

To launch Python:

1. Click Start and point to All Programs (or press the Windows key) and then start to type Python.

2. Click the Python symbol.

3. To automatically configure Python for scripting with Nexus, at the command prompt, enter the following:

import ViconNexus
vicon = ViconNexus.ViconNexus()

To obtain Python Command List:

Ensure you have launched and configured Python as described above, then at the Python command prompt, enter:


To obtain Python Comman Help:

To obtain help on each command that you can use with Nexus, at the Python command prompt, enter:


Where commandName is the command for which you want to display help.

For example, the following command displays help on GetTrajectory:


Help on GetTrajectory is displayed.