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How can I apply a trial’s Analysis Outputs to a Polygon 4 report?

By default, Polygon 4 will generate Gait Cycle Parameters and write them to the subject’s Analysis node. Perform the following steps to apply a trial’s Analysis Outputs to a Polygon 4 report.

  1. Load the trial within a Polygon 4 report.
  2. Go to the Data tab within the Data Bar.
  3. Expand the Subject.
  4. Right-click the Analysis node and click Properties.
  5. Un-check Automatically Generate Parameters and click OK.
  6. Right-click on the Trial node and click Update.
  7. Expand the Subject node and click on the Analysis node.

The contents of the trial’s Analysis Outputs will be available now to include in the report. The settings will be saved within the report as well as a template created from the report. The trial’s Analysis Outputs will override the parameters generated by Polygon so combine the Gait Cycle Parameters, Gait Deviation Index, etc., run the Compute Gait Cycle Parameters operation within a Nexus pipeline to write them to the trial’s Analysis Outputs group.