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How do I check out a license to a network machine?

You can check out a seat from an existing license for use on a machine on your license server network, so that your Vicon Software can subsequently be used on the machine when it is no longer connected to your network.

To check out a seat to a machine on the license server network:

1. On a network machine that you later want to use remotely, open Vicon Product Licensing.

2. In the License Server list in the top part of the dialog box, right-click on the license that contains the seat that you want to check out and click Check Out.

3. In the Check Out License dialog box, specify the number of days for the license to be used remotely and then click Check Out.

Checked out licenses are flagged with Commuter in the Type column in the License Server list in the top part of the Vicon Automated Unified Licensing Tool dialog box.