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How do I create a New Polygon Report?

You can create a new Polygon Report as a blank report or as a report based on a template. There are several ways to create a new blank report:

Create a Report from Data Management (Eclipse)

On the Home ribbon, click the Data Manager Button or press F2.

In the Data Manager, double-click the trial you want to add to the report.

Click the New Report button on the toolbar. A new report is added below the trial you selected.

Type a name for the report.

Double-click the report and click No when asked if you want to base the report on a template. A blank report is created.

Import data into the report.

Create a Report from within Polygon

On the Home ribbon, click the down arrow on the New button.


From the Quick Access Bar above the Ribbon, click the down arrow on the New button.

Select Blank from the drop-down menu.

In the New Report dialog, browse to the location where you want to save the report.

In Report Name, enter a name for the report. Then click OK.

If you are creating the report in a new directory, click Yes to the prompt, Directory not found. Create? A blank report is created.

Creating a Report from a Template

Note: You will require a Polygon Template (.tpl file) available.

Use one of the above mentioned methods to create a blank report (when using the New button select template from the drop-down menu).

When asked if you want to base the report on a template click Yes.

In the window that opens, browse to the location of the template you want to use.