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How do I get started with MATLAB Modeling?

To set MATLAB path:

Once Nexus, MATLAB and the appropriate .NET Framework version are installed, you will want to set the path.

Windows 7: Go to the Start Menu > All Programs > Vicon > Nexus 2.X > Set MATLAB Path.

Windows 10:  Start > All Apps > Vicon > Set MATLAB Path

This will give MATLAB access to the Nexus scripting functions.

To Configure MATLAB for scripting with Nexus:

Within MATLAB, create an instance of the ViconNexus object to get access to its methods; type the following line in the Command Window:

vicon = ViconNexus()

To obtain MATLAB Command List:

To see which functions you have access to write the following line in the Command Window:

methods ViconNexus

To obtain MATLAB Command Help:

If you need guidance for the use of any of the displayed functions you can run either of the following lines in the Command Window.

help ViconNexus/commandName

For example:

help ViconNexus/GetTrajectory


help commandName

For example:

help GetTrajectory

To troubleshoot MATLAB Scripts:

To troubleshoot or run your script, you must have a trial open within Nexus

For further information please see the installed or online help guide.  This can be found under the Help tab within Nexus.