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Nexus General Workflow 2: Capturing Data (Calibration and Dynamic Trials)

1. Go to Data Management and make sure a Session folder has been created for the subject.

2. Go to the Resource pane > Subjects tab and create a new subject from a labeling skeleton.  The subject will be listed below with the associated labeling skeleton in parentheses.

3. Go to the Tools pane > Subject Preparation button for subject calibration. Have the subject stand in the middle of the volume in the base pose with all markers visible.  Select Start under Subject Calibration.  Only one good frame of data is needed.  Once a trial with all markers present has been captured select Stop.

Please Note: Workflow is intended for Plug-In Gait templates.  If using another you might need a Range of Motion calibration trial.

4. Nexus goes offline and opens the trial for immediate processing. Reconstruct the markers of the loaded trial. Run the AutoInitialize pipeline followed by Plug-in Gait Static to Calibrate the subject for labeling and Plug-in Gait.

Please Note: Check the accuracy of the marker labels (Hotkey: CTRL+Space) prior to running the calibration pipeline operations.

5. Save the Trial and Subject. Then go back online.

6. Dynamic Trials can now be collected. Select the Capture tab, go down to the Capture section and select Start to begin data collection.  Change the name of the trial from Subject Name Cal 02 to something that correlates with the data collection.