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Issue Version Workaround Status
After completing dynamic wand wave it is possible for the Set Origin operation to fail. This is rare, but for those who experience the problem, it will be consistent. 2.10.3 The only way to get it to work again is to close Nexus down and reopen. Solved

Resolved in Nexus 2.11.0


Nexus performance issue when there was a large number of log messages. 2.10.1 Confirmed log workaround in Nexus 2.10.1:

  1. Right-click on the Log tab, then click Show Advanced Log.
  2. Right-click in the Log window, then click Show Categories.
  3. Set Global to Off.
  4. At this point you can clear the log and hide the categories again if you wish.

Note that this will disable all log messages, both in the app and in the log file.

If you want to keep the log messages:

  • Roll back to Nexus 2.9.3. If you want to use Blue Trident sensors, you will require Nexus 2.10.x.

Resolved in Nexus 2.10.2


GetDeviceChannel returns force plate outputs as an action force in a z-down coordinate system, compared to a reaction in a z-up system as stored in the C3D file. 2.10.1 Perform the conversion after requesting the value: rotate the force and moment outputs by 180 degrees about the y-axis, and then negate all components: this is equivalent to simply negating the y-component. This applies to both force and moment outputs. Scheduled to be resolved
PC blue screen when connected digitally to Kistler force plates due to Kistler digital plug-in 2.6.1 With Nexus open:

  1. On the System tab, select Local Vicon System.
  2. In the Properties section, select Show Advance.
  3. Reduce the Buffer Reserve from 1.0 to = 0.5.