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What is Link Aggregation and how do I set this up in my Vicon System?

Link aggregation is used to describe various methods for using multiple parallel network connections to increase throughput beyond the limit that one link (one connection) can achieve. Link aggregation is supported in Tracker 1.3+, Nexus 1.8.5+, Blade 2+.

When setting up Link Aggregation ensure that you have the correct Network cards (Intel i340-T4 or the Intel i350-T4 cards) installed on your capture PC. Once you have the correct Network card(s) follow these steps:

1. Make sure your three network ports have fixed IP addresses, and A maximum of nine NICs are allowed ( – inclusive).

2. Connect the and ports to one Giganet/Power over Ethernet switch (POE) and to the other Giganet/POE. You will need an extra cable connecting your Giganets/POEs.

3. Run Tracker/Nexus/Blade, set your workspace to Camera and select all the cameras in the System pane (you will need to expand Vicon Cameras). Please do note that there might be slight differences between the three applications.

4. Turn the Giganet/POE connected to off then select all the cameras that just went red in the System pane.

Select the Destination IP Address drop-down and select

5. Select the remaining (green) cameras then scroll down their Properties, select the Destination IP Address drop-down and select

6. Turn the Giganet/POE connected to back on. Select all the cameras in the System pane.

Save your System configuration.